The Thirsty People


‘Un reroute the rivers

Let the dammed water be

There’s some people down the way that’s thirsty

Let the liquid spirit free


The people are thirsty

Cause of man’s unnatural hand

Watch what happens when the people catch wind

When the water hits the banks of that hard dry land’


Lyrics from a great song by Gregory Porter.

Steam rising to the skies, falling down like rain,

Onto hard dried deforested land.


Until Friday!






one day at a time

a thief in a library

practicing patience



What is a thief doing in a library? Hem is reading a book.

Why is a thief stealing things? Hem has no money.

Why doesn’t hem have money? Hem has no job.

Why doesn’t hem have a job? Hem has no education.

Why isn’t hem at school? Hem has no money.

What is a thief doing in a library?


A haiku about human conditions.

And how taking a little bit of time, asking Why?

Changes prejudice.


Until Friday!