My name is Mikael Zych

I’m a bohemian with a Fine Arts Degree in Photography,

a surfer, runner and a poet

A soul with a spirit


This is my blog.

2 thoughts on “Hello!”

  1. Inspiring reading. You are very passionate about creating a better world and ahead of your time. Unfortunately most people & corporations are still mostly motivated by personal wealth.

    1. Thank you for taking your time Monica!

      I don’t see investments in better environment and personal wealth as contradictory. Including the poor should not be seen as charity, but as an investment where the improvement of the developing world will generate a solid ground and a growing market. Instead of two billion poor, two billion producers and consumers. When the rich nations start becoming self-sustainable on energy from renewable sources, (The UK is on time compared to many other countries, http://www.renewableuk.com/ and Liechtenstein with a saltwater driven car ready for the market, check it out!!! nanoflowcell.com) domestic production gradually becoming export. If that export goes to stabilizing poor countries, the rich part of the world would profit from consumption.

      A developing poor nation, becoming a growing market.

      More jobs, creating more personal wealth.

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